conversion of engines to propane

Products and services, conversion of engines to propane

BL ENERGY provides the technology for converting engines to propane as well as a financing program and after-sales and technical assistance services, 24 hours a day.

  • Auto-Energy Program
    With the support of the Energy Efficiency Agency (EEA), as part of the TechnoClimat demonstration program for green technologies aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, BL ENERGY has set up the Auto-Energy Program. In the first phase, this program aims for adaptation of vehicles that are part of government and industrial fleets in major cities. The second phase will focus more on LPG adaptation of consumer vehicles, in the major cities of Quebec.
  • “Turn-key” package
    For converting vehicles, BL ENERGY offers a “turn-key” vehicle conversion package.  This package means that customers do not need any investment nor any concern about financing or management. It is based on maintaining initial expenses in fuel, and later, at a predetermined date, on sharing savings with BL ENERGY Management is in partnership with BMO.



Feasibility assessment
  1. Conversion plan and training of employees selected for fleet optimisation
  2. Environmental and financial benefits
Setting up
  1. Staff training and management tools
  2. Start-up support and service
  3. LPG supplier selection, made together with the customer
    (with the support of BL ENERGY INV.) to get the best “quality/price” offer
  1. Measuring and certification of performance and sale of CO2 credits
  2. GHG management and certification under the responsibility of BL ENERGY and its partners
  3. Possibility of partnerships with BL ENERGY AND PRINS AUTOGASSYSTEMEN BV in visibility operations (customer, supplier and/or consumer).